Enterprise Portfolio Management

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Building on years of work in large enterprises, we are pleased to announce a Beta release for the next Cooper & Co product – Enpoma.

Enpoma is an Enterprise Portfolio Management tool for tracking applications used in large organisations.

Enpoma lets you track, profile and analyse the strategic aspects of your applications like risk profile, team accountability, interfaces/integrations, life cycle and much more.

Enpoma is based on years of large scale work done in financial markets from large global retail and institutional banks to more niche investment banks. The key benefit are equally valuable in government and semi-government bodies as well as industrial firms.

Typical firms of 10,000 or more employees need to track hundreds or thousands of applications with diverse technologies and yet require consistent management tools for strategic and scenario planning and accountability.

Do you know the risk profile of every app in your organisation? What deployment platforms are you most vulnerable on? What coverage do you have for your mitigation planning. What system dependencies do you have across applications, application instances, locations, teams, Paas, IaaS, SaaS, open source technologies and more?