Products Overview

Cooper & Co have our own products and services and also develop our own specialist experience in, methodologies for, and add-ons in selected 3rd Party products – after extensive and ongoing evaluation of industry best practice.

Some of the products we know well (typically since their initial pre-release versions) and can help you leverage in your business include –

1. Google –  the world’s leading business cloud (we are a registered reseller and can design and implement your business online including migration to the cloud)

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Mail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Apps
  • Google Maps
  • Google Site Search
  • Google Sites
  • Google Consumer Insights

2. Coinr – the business productivity platform

3. – leading cloud CRM, ERP and business enablement platform. We have been involved with this platform since 2007.

4. Saasu – the leading Australia business accounting software as a service (the cloud alternative to MYOB or Quickbooks)

5. Independents – various specialist independent productivity tools from research to marketing and engineering to social automation/connectivity.

6. Social – get established on all the major social networks and have tools to make it easy to manage

7. Insight – various specialist analytics tools

8. Payments – leading payments gateways and e-commerce products, tools and services

9. Investments and trading – specialist tools for  personal and corporate trading, settlement, risk management and portfolio management

10. Startup Ecosystem – we have unique insights in Australia and Asia. See recent post on meta.

You may also be interested in our professional services overview.

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