Our Principles

We have subscribed to the leadership principles of global leaders and market innovators (some listed below) as well as identified a few of our own for decades.

We encourage you to click the links and read or watch how these globals leaders aspire to act everyday. Then consider how you can do the same in your business or life.

Leadership Principles of Market Innovators

  • Amazon Leadership Principles
  • Atlassian Company Values
  • Cooper & Co Principles & Values
    • Be Useful
    • Give Back
    • Start With Free (and Build Mutual Value)
    • Early Stage (act like a startup or a challenger and learn from them how to take fresh approaches)
    • Think Global (is it good enough)
    • Technology (can change more than most people think)
    • Diversity & Diversification
    • Aggregation
    • Everyone Volunteers (Otherwise you don’t know or care enough)
    • Think Long Term (Deliver Short Term)
    • Keep It Simple