Venture Network

Our Network Overview

  • Locations – regional focus plus key global corridors
  • People – unique team on the ground and hyper connected

Our People & Capabilities

We are building a uniquely differentiated combination of pan-Asian venture capabilities building the technology startup ecosystem.

These capabilities are based on –

  • Focus
  • Reach
  • Capacity
  • Trust
  • Expertise

This combination is designed from first principles to maximise execution benefits for founders and capturing opportunities for investors from family offices, corporate venture capital, retirement funds and sovereign funds.

Global technology focus, reach & capacity – by design

We invest time in technology startups building scalable global product from Asia and Australasia.

Because innovation is happening at the intersection of industries and technologies we have focused on people with unique cross-over skills that are deep in diverse areas yet overlap in high impact intersections.

Innovation happens at the intersections. We have covered many industry verticals and major horizontal areas of innovation. Our network is built with uniquely hyper-connected international specialists in each market connected by decades of experience.

Experience from grassroots incubation to tier one global corporates from mentors to deal makers and hyper connectors.

With over $800 Billion expected this decade from Australian superannuation (read the Emerald Age article) and more from North America and China the tech sector is well placed to grow.

Combined with the proximity, scale and growth of Asia there are few if any opportunities to match these short, medium and long term growth prospects.

Long Term Trust & Deep Team Expertise

The vast majority of our network core is based on relationships over a decade or two each so we can operate in a high trust environment with excellent expertise and unique reach allowing us to work smarter AND faster. Less bureaucracy, more trust and speed.

We believe business is a team sport. With a combined experience measured in  hundreds of years across dozens of specialist topics we have assembled a unique network that is deep, diverse, wide and growing. Some of our team members are profiled below.

Interested In Learning More Or Joining Our Network?

Have a unique business and or technology challenge and want to talk to our people? Contact us.

Want to join a casual team that works on interesting projects? Participation is demanding and by invitation only. We are always looking to meet quality talent with aligned values. If you know our members already and have substantive skills in the APAC region please get in touch.

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