Market Vision & Product Path

Market, Product, Distribution & Protection

We focus on tech startups aiming for global markets with scalable product.

Because these markets are global even a small niche can often be very valuable.

But because they are global they also have global competitors.

Technology, like money, crosses jurisdictions easily so while you can reach customers globally so can others.

This is why, as a founder, having a clear vision and scenario sets for the future of your target market is important.

This includes all aspects of the market and how it is likely to change not just your own impact on it. There are typically multiple layers of global trends impacting any one market.

Similarly, the next step is understanding how your product fits into future market scenarios. Will it be cheapest, fastest, best quality, standalone, integrated, defensible etc.

Then how will customers find and buy your product, will they buy it direct or via distributors. Will it be embedded in someone else product or will it be standalone.

How will you protect your product path from disintermediation or competitors who may copy your product?

A useful way of looking at this is the value capture and creation model popularised by Peter Thiel in his book Zero To One.

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