For Sale

Contact Us To Buy… Maybe 🙂

If you have landed on this page you have probably clicked a link to a sweet little domain name or intellectual property asset we own / manage for our clients.

These are usually domains ‘left over’ from projects or placeholders for future projects or possibly short or long term investments.

Not all assets are for sale at all times and of course clients change their minds regularly so please don’t blame us, we are business technology consultants and this is an every day challenge in the global brand management industry.

We are not legal experts, we just try and make clients happy. So if you think your brand has been infringed or some other challenge please just let us know and be specific, provide links to validate ownership / identity so we can act.

If you would like to make an offer to acquire an asset please contact us with your email, phone number, city/country, the exact link you clicked and the offer amount and currency. If the asset is not for sale or the offer is too low we usually don’t reply.