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Technology Investing For Family Offices

Family Funds and Family Offices are facing a new and particularly difficult set of strategic challenges right now.

Global tech startups are changing every industry. These nimble yet scalable disruptors are powered by the internet and mobile.  Competition involves entirely new themes from things like blockchain, crypto currencies, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics to even more challenging topics like quantum computing, big data analytics, instant global payments, cyber security, online universities, virtual reality and billion person scale social networks.

It is too much for any one person to digest, that is why we have assembled a team of specialists with decades of experience.

How do you position your long term family assets in such a rapidly changing environment in a timely and cost effective manner to capture this opportunity and manage risk for current and future generations?

Specialist global insight, focus on global technology shapers and investment diversity are all crucial. That is why we are creating our funds and venture network.

Family investors need to position their assets in the face of a tidal wave of innovation and disruption.

This wave is lifting those who are prepared. It is also crushing or washing over those who aren’t prepared.

The next generation of family members are often internet and consumer tech savvy but are not yet ready to compete in this new arena at a strategic global level of expertise.

Our unique expertise and products can help you catch and ride this wave that is redefining wealth creation and social impact across humanity.

Action Item: Include the new Global Tech Startups asset class in your next Asset Allocation family discussion and deliver on these key outcomes easily with one transaction for your next annual and ten year strategic family office review.

Action Item: Engage us for a portfolio review and strategy review consulting trial or retainer.

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