Ecosystem Advocacy

Go fast alone, go further together.

– African Proverb

Our principals and wider network have had a direct formative role in the establishment of the business technology strategy and tech startup ecosystem in Australia and links to SE Asia.

Most of this work is entirely volunteer. Examples include –

  • Founding SydStart the largest tech startup conference (now called StartCon) watch the CEO interview and Founder Highlights Reel
  • Being founding sponsor of The Start Society (StartSoc) the only national grassroots independent membership based industry body for tech startups
  • iCentral Coworking by StartSoc. The Start Society operated ‘for purpose and at cost’ curated tech startup co-working to enable grassroots development of entrepreneurs these were in Sydney and Yangon with regional development experiments and support in lower tier regional townships.
  • Extensive mentoring via the ecosystem and network especially to early stage founders, career changers and new ecosystem entrants.
  • Advocacy and University Education at Director level for careers in technology, internet, tech startups and entrepreneurship.
  • Uniquely shaping, volunteering or assisting to seed or assisting to establish a range of other accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, hack-a-thons, meet ups, specialist groups, educational initiatives and policy shaping. Many of these are the first of their kind and/or the largest.
  • Lobbying and activism for improved Government focus (local state and federal) and support for the tech startup ecosystem, innovation and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education and application

We are deeply proud of our formational contribution to the tech startup ecosystem in Australia and regionally. It is not an obligation or a task, it is simply who we are and what we do.

In recent years we are also exploring scalable ways to assist developing countries with free medical records, large scale financial inclusion, practical digital health (eg telemedicine, medicine access, care networks), sustainable work and access to food, care and shelter.

We have made a real difference in our first decade and are now well into our second decade of helping the ecosystem and nations – and we are just getting started!

You can change the world.


Pete Cooper
Cooper & Co and The Start Society

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