Coworking Space Management Software and Services

Lift your space to the next level. We resell and implement the world’s leading coworking solutions.

This includes –

  • coworking space management systems delivered as software-as-a-service including mobile, laptop and desktop access and integration with devices (like locks) and community members (mobile phone apps)
  • coworking utilisation for corporates, restaurants, landlords to use free time slots (eg day time for an evening focused restaurant)
  • space activation for organisations who know that community, productivity and fun are all part of modern work and talent retention or attraction
  • finding space for individuals and startups that need space from a global database and buying/selling space online
  • community management systems delivered as software-as-a-service including messaging, auto check-in for spaces eg meeting rooms, profiles, payments and forums or online notice boards.

If you would like to know more about our commercial coworking solutions for individuals, startups and large organisations please contact us.

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