Internet Business Technology Strategy Delivered

Cooper & Co Consultants

We spend most our time investing via our network but sometimes for some types of outcomes we need to get more hands on.

Imagine a new kind of ‘old school’ consulting firm that delivers outcomes you want for your business. Cooper & Co apply a new mix of traditional and contemporary approaches with a focus on planned outcomes. We use new yet proven technologies and our deep practical business centric experience.

So what does this look like? Keep the deep global-grade expertise, magnify the independence and connectedness. Most importantly drop the ties, faux terms, inefficiency, price gouging & ancient formalities. See Consulting Locations or Venture Network.

Cooper & Co are different & fresh, we know what works. But don’t take our word for it. See Consulting Client List or Sample Investments or Ecosystem Engagement.

Our team is casual yet professional with deep and timely talent in a flexible federation of valued experts. Our thought leaders enjoy getting stuff done, they execute. That means end-to-end delivery if you need it or just the insight, strategy and execution plan. We are not a body shop or development house, we don’t do ‘innovation theatre’. See Consulting Skills or Venture Network.

Internet & Mobile Execution

We don’t just talk about innovation & disruption, or internet & mobile, we have been doing them all since well before the net was ‘a thing’ in the commercial world. See Consulting Industries.

Many of the big consulting groups can do a great slide deck but can’t execute to save themselves (or you). We have deep links to the technology startup community that go back decades and we still live it today. See ecosystem example.

Our focus is business technology strategy & delivery. We also invest time and sometimes cash in ideas we believe in. See portfolio sample.

Business Technology Strategy

We deliver business technology strategy.

We focus on large scale, real-time, mission critical technology – especially the internet and mobile – and the importance of aligning technology strategy and execution with business strategy and functions.

So, from easing growing pains or due diligence for mergers/acquisitions to new markets or expert witnesses – we can help.

If you are are creating, acquiring, developing or defending you should talk to us today.