The Coco Health Records Initiative

Free open source medical records for developing countries.

We are proud to be lead volunteers for the Coco Health Records Initiative which aims to provide free or partially sponsored technology to run community clinics, general practitioner practices, hospitals, specialist medical suites and of course personal and family medical records.

The first 3 billion medical records will be commenced soon, probably before 2025 and will be concentrated on advanced economies with high GDP per capita. The Coco Health Records Initiative aims to help even more, we want to help the next 5 billion people on our planet get medical records.

Most of the existing records are based on expensive systems from developed nations and cost hundreds of millions to deploy, often using expensive private cloud and will little or no mobile support.

Coco aims to be part of the next generation which is mobile first and public cloud native using open source for full stack or mainstream cloud technologies based on opensource.

Through our volunteer community, donations of time and resources from our technology partners and smarter more modern and simpler designs that ride the waves of innovation – like mobile, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing – we believe we might even be able to save more lives and improve even more than the first 3 billion.

This means we can provide near first world service for free to individuals and near free for most clinics with a small fee paid by private hospitals and others all of which are till much lower than commercial providers (typical 10% of 20% of providers from Europe or North America) so savings can be spent on staff, education and medical care.

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