Conceptual Project Brief:
Early Stage Pan-Asia Technology Fund

Global technology startups are disrupting most industry verticals and creating an entire new economy of horizontal enablers.

Rollout of a large and highly differentiated Pan-Asia technology startup venture fund focused on early stage internet companies.


Venture Network of 20+ cities in 2017 with 30+ cities in 2018 and 50+ cities by 2020.

Exceptional founding group from global tech startups and blue global capital most of whom have worked together for a decade or more.

Relatively large fund, $0.6B to $1.2B which is rare in this space. Size enables us to span stages. Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, Series B (and beyond in a separate fund).

High trust base jurisdictions with historical independence from global volatility.

All core founders have a track record in institutional senior management and tech startup investing.

Target Investors

Initial focus is family offices and corporate venture capital groups. Mid term focus is distributors reaching those initial focus area. Long term focus is superannuation/retirement funds and sovereign funds.

Larger commitments will also open up discussion about visibility on co-investment opportunities.

Target Investments

Tech startups with global product. Targeting, based in, or from Asia/Australasia that are likely to benefit from the unique attributes including insight, cost, speed, growth rates, population, cultural niches (during incubation) and external enablers for example sovereign support or network effects.

Investment Approach

Rapid identification, analysis and decisions – using our proprietary high-trust network of local and regional expertise.

Diversified approach, expecting to invest in 250 to 300 companies per $1 Billion ie average $2.5m per asset across core stages. See the planning guide spreadsheet model.

Investment tailored to stage (Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, Series B) with a follow on fund likely to be raised with 24-30 months (Series C onwards).

Investment Pipeline

We have pre-screened around 200 potential investments already. Startup tech companies with global product are welcome to get in touch via the webform.