AR/VR Patent Rates Not Exploding Alone

Excellent article from The Information on how Microsoft is leading the augmented reality patent war.

Meanwhile this week … HP (the printer manufacturers who split from their enterprise business 10 months ago) is consolidating their share of the printing market with 6,500 patents being acquired from Samsung for a little over $1b to consolidate market share at around 40%. HP claim they will focus on 3d printing to challenge industrial processes while Samsung phones are catching fire their printing market share was declining in a market that was also declining at over 10% per annum. A weird deal in which they also get Samsung’s Korea retail printing business guaranteed and a few hundred million cash investment back from Samsung.

Oh and Apple launched the iPhone 7 which translates to a part of the anatomy in Cantonese (repeating a similar ‘mistake’ made recently by Samsung. Do your research people… all press is good press apparently.