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Our Network Overview

  • Locations – regional focus plus key global corridors
  • People – unique team on the ground and hyper connected

Locations Planned Today

More mentors with more insight in more places. Centred on SE Asia and Australasia with links to major developed centres.

Cooper & Co Venture Network City Rollout Map 2017-2020

Interactive city rollout map

Our People & Capabilities

We are building a uniquely differentiated combination of pan-Asian venture capabilities building the technology startup ecosystem.

Random selection of members. Scroll down for detailed profiles.

These capabilities are based on –

  • Focus, reach & capacity
  • Trust & expertise

This combination is designed from first principles to maximise execution benefits for founders and capturing opportunities for investors from family offices, corporate venture capital, retirement funds and sovereign funds.

Global technology focus, reach & capacity – by design

We invest in technology startups building scalable global product from Asia and Australasia.

Because innovation is happening at the intersection of industries and technologies we have focused on people with unique cross-over skills that are deep in diverse areas yet overlap in high impact intersections.

Innovation happens at the intersections. We have covered most industry verticals and major horizontal areas of innovation within one degree of separation (and pretty much all with two or three degrees).

20 city network in 2017 aiming for 50 cities by 2020 built with uniquely hyper-connected international specialists in each market connected by decades of experience.

Experience from grassroots incubation to tier one global corporates from mentors to deal makers and hyper connectors.

Targeting funds $600m to $1b rolling out to invest in Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and Series B. Also a planned follow-on fund and additional strategic participation for selected parties.

With over $800 Billion expected this decade from Australian superannuation (read the Emerald Age article) and more from North America and China the tech sector is well placed to grow.

Combined with the proximity, scale and growth of Asia there are few if any opportunities to match these short, medium and long term growth prospects.

Long Term Trust & Deep Team Expertise

The vast majority of our network core is based on relationships over a decade or two each so we can operate in a high trust environment with excellent expertise and unique reach allowing us to work smarter AND faster. Less bureaucracy, more trust and speed.

We believe business is a team sport. With a combined experience measured in  hundreds of years across dozens of specialist topics we have assembled a unique network that is deep, diverse, wide and growing. Some of our team members are profiled below.

Pete from Sydney and Singapore

Pete Cooper – Sydney / Singapore

Pete Cooper has led at the junction of international technology and business strategy for three decades. He has held global/regional roles with three tier one global banking and finance firms, three international software firms and helped shape dozens of startups.

Pete has been involved in eight exits and over seventy firms as investor, advisor and/or mentor.  He is the founder of a 400 member strong national industry body for tech startups StartSoc. Pete also founded the first whole of industry tech startup mega-conference SydStart (now StartCon) which in term spawned many side initiatives that are themselves ecosystem enablers. Pete remains a geek at heart and he is passionate about harnessing technology to progress humanity, hyper-connect expert communities, peer learn and compete globally.  Linkedin for Pete


James from Singapore and Sydney

James Coffey – Singapore / Sydney

James has over 20 years’ experience in business and technology, working on businesses of all sizes from startups as an angel investor and mentor up to the world’s largest technology companies in roles covering sales, business development, partnerships, innovation, operations and ventures.

James led Salesforce [NYSE:CRM] AppExchange business in the Asia Pacific region for 5 years, during which time Salesforce grew to become the 4th largest enterprise software vendor in the world. James is an active angel investor and also a mentor at Muru-D and StartSoc.  Linkedin for James


Stuart from Perth, Melbourne and Sydney

Stuart McClure – Perth / Melbourne / Sydney / Toronto

Stuart has spent more than 20 years creating, building and growing businesses.  During an 18 year career at Macquarie Group, Stuart progressed from creating products in the Australian business to relocating to Toronto to found and run the Canadian investment product business.  Stuart is an adviser to financial technology start-ups in both Canada and Australia with a particular focus on fin tech.  He enjoys sharing his network and experience with founders and seeing their businesses develop.  Linkedin for Stuart


Tim from Sydney

Tim Bradbury – Sydney / Melbourne

Tim is an experienced financial services executive who believes in combining innovative thinking and products with technology to build value in successful and growing businesses. Tim has a proven record of designing, implementing and shaping the growth profile of investment & wealth related businesses across all critical areas.

For the last 15 years (or more) his particular passion and focus has been transforming wealth mgt/ financial services businesses and creating value through the combination of a better approach to investing comprising technology, and targeting high margin, incumbent business practices.  He has started successful businesses for large global financial services firms (Macquarie, Barclays, MSCI), founded businesses for himself (ETF Consulting, ETF Portfolio Solutions), and created networking communities (Australian ETF Network).  Linkedin for Tim


Mike from Myanmar, Singapore and London

Mike Denoma – Myanmar / Singapore / London / USA

Mike is well known as an international leader in consumer banking, private equity and finance. Mike has been CEO of three large banks and numerous other companies including global bank emerging markets leader Standard Chartered Bank through a uniquely expansive phase.  Linkedin for Mike

Hamish McDougall – Singapore / Hong Kong / Jakarta / Bali / Sydney

Hamish has a deep history in media and content operating in Asia. He was CEO of Honeycombers the largest digital lifestyle / expat network content site in the region and co-lead on our media and content expert group. Hamish’s roles have spanned digital marketing, editorial, sales, business development, global publishing strategy, senior management, pre- and post-launch startups through to MNC media organisations, with expertise in digital media, content marketing, travel and APAC media markets. Linkedin for Hamish 


Daniel Friedman

Daniel Friedman – Sydney / San Francisco / London / Singapore

Dan is has co-founded and held CEO, CTO and product management lead roles in numerous tech startups aiming for global markets. Dan is co-lead for the blockchain expert group as well as having deep experience in IoT, home devices, fintech, product development and security. Linkedin for Dan



Shaik Jalaluddin – Bengaluru / Sydney / Melbourne / Tokyo

Shaik is a senior full stack developer focused on deep machine learning and video. He has led and built complete solutions for facial recognition in real-time for premier sports, undersea research and numerous Fortune 500 on-demand entertainment corporates and startups.

Shaik was one of the key engineers behind Apple Airplay and Spotify Connect. His latest startup Flixsense is currently part of Australia’s best performing start-up accelerator StartMate and was named as one of the top 60 AI start-ups in Silicon Valley last year.  LinkedIn for Shaik


IMG-8730Andrew Coppin – Sydney / Perth

Coppo has deep expertise in finance, stock broking, property and agriculture technology. He has previous held leadership roles in numerous tier one firms in Australia including Wilsons and Bell Potter and currently is founder of a funds management services firm and a property blockchain startup.  LinkedIn for Coppo


Amy from Bangkok and Sydney

Amy Morris – Bangkok / Sydney

Amy is a Chartered Accountant with deep finance and consulting experience. Amy did her first degree in Australia but is based in Thailand with numerous business interests near Bangkok. Linkedin for Amy


Dat from Hanoi

Dat Pham Hanoi / Ho Chi Min City

Dat is deep in the tech startup ecosystem in Vietnam and internationally. He is actively involved in numerous local startups and developing the industry. Dat was also recently listed in the Forbes Top 30 Under 30 for Vietnam and has work with over 150 companies. Linkedin for Dat


Keith Tan

Keith Tan Singapore / Cambodia / Perth

Keith has deep experience at the junction of creative media and design, governance, media and influence in Asia. He has forged leading position in production and management of media across TV, radio, internet and mobile. Keith is a member of our venture network media expert group which includes ad tech and marketing tech amongst others. Linkedin for Keith


Geoff Litman

Geoff Litman Phillipines Cebu / Singapore / Toronto

Geoff has a deep enterprise infrastructure and software background in banking and finance as well as significant regional experience in specialist services. He currently leads a number of local startups in remote business services and tourism and is widely respected as a mentor. Linkedin for Geoff


Laura Cooper

Laura Cooper Sydney / Bali / Melbourne

Laura was formerly a technical specialist at Apple and is currently a escalation process specialist at Uber.

Laura has diverse business technology background with a degree from University of Technology Sydney and experience in client service process, human resources, and internet centric software and hardware.   Linkedin for Laura


James Melvin Ebenezer


James Melvin Ebenezer – Bengaluru / Melbourne

A full stack developer now CTO with deep expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Melvin is also co-founder of Flixsense a large scalereal-time video recognition platform. As a leading graduate of one of India’s best computer science schools Melvin has built technology for Oracle, Qualcomm. ST-Ericsson and others.  LinkedIn for Melvin



catherine-eibner.jpgCatherine Eibner – Sydney

Catherine is an exceptionally well known advocate and mentor in the Sydney ecosystem supporting global tech startups. One of the rare mentors who has current technical skills, experience on the corporate ‘big tech’ side as well as running specialist incubators including as COO for the well regarded SheStarts program. LinkedIn for Catherine

pascal-helyar-moray1.jpgPascal Helyar-Moray
– Sydney

Pascal is a serial entrepreneur and respected industry influencer and speaker with deep finance and marketing experience. Her first startup StyleRocks creates custom diamond jewellery online and her second more ambitious startup directly addresses the superannuation market for women with tailored life stage benefits. Linkedin for Pascal


More Senior Roles Coming Soon

We might have centuries of collective experience but we are just getting started!

Photo Coming Soon

TBA – Dublin / London




Photo Coming Soon

TBA – San Francisco / Sydney




Photo Coming SoonTBA – Shanghai / Melbourne / Sydney




Photo Coming SoonTBA
– Singapore / London




Photo Coming SoonTBA – Jakarta




Photo Coming SoonTBA – Philippines





Please contact us if you are well known to existing network members, have a strong interest in technology, innovation and some of the major verticals or horizontals and are interested in interning in any of our locations.

james-cooper.jpgJames Cooper – Sydney / Newcastle

James has finished high school and starting university in 2018. He is interested in music, technology, medicine, engineering, inventing and gamification.



Interested In Joining Our Network?

Participation is demanding and by invitation only. We are seeking only the best but we want network members for 20 cities by mid 2018 and 50 cities by 2020. If you know our members already and have substantive skills in the APAC region please get in touch.

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