Emerald Age for Tech Startups In Australia?

A new age begins with an $800 Billion opportunity over the next decade. We wrote recently in the Australian newspapers about a potential Golden Age for tech startups approaching. But perhaps this is better described an an Emerald Age. Our police force is often described as the thin blue line between law/order and chaos. Similarly … Continue reading Emerald Age for Tech Startups In Australia?

The Way Forward for Innovation in Australia

Old innovation ecosystem models are broken, it is time to realise the open models based around startups (particularly scalable global product based tech startups) are the key to our future. The above diagram by StartupCommons summarises the change in focus at a macro level, we also need to look at the basics of our cultural … Continue reading The Way Forward for Innovation in Australia

AR/VR Patent Rates Not Exploding Alone

Excellent article from The Information on how Microsoft is leading the augmented reality patent war. Meanwhile this week ... HP (the printer manufacturers who split from their enterprise business 10 months ago) is consolidating their share of the printing market with 6,500 patents being acquired from Samsung for a little over $1b to consolidate market … Continue reading AR/VR Patent Rates Not Exploding Alone

Facial recognition goes mainstream

Home and office facial recognition is now a plug and play exercise set to go mainstream (thanks to crowd sourcing) in homes, small businesses and maybe even departmentally in corporates and government from as little as $200. Combine this with integration services that are now also rapidly becoming cheap and simple and cost effective tailored … Continue reading Facial recognition goes mainstream

Updated Customer List

We have updated our list of client projects and they span a very wide range of industries and themes of work. Check them out, we can probably help you maximise your opportunities or reduce risks and more. We have also worked on projects in a wide range of locations around Australia, South East Asia and internationally.

Plan B Uses Old Printer Parts To Create Detailed 3D Models

Cooper & Co Analysis: This is smart, sustainable and plays havoc with intellectual property rights. But it might just bring manufacturing back to developed nations.


If you’re bored this weekend, go ahead and tear apart your old inkjet printer and grab a few pieces of aluminum. Then head over to Yvo de Haas’ website and get cracking. His new project, called Plan B, is an open source 3D printer that lets you print solid plastic objects by binding a thin layer of plastic powder with an old printer head.

How does it work? Well the Plan B is a 3DP printer which means it uses a little bit of glue to bind thin layers of gypsum powder. The head “draws” the layer in binder and then brushes away the excess. Then another layer of powder is placed and the system repeats itself ad infinitum until the object is built.

The printer has a layer height of 0.15mm to 0.2mm and prints fairly slowly, for now. However, considering it’s completely open source, uses off-the-shelf components, and…

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