Cooper Sydney is a privately held business technology services company based in Sydney Australia, arguably one of the best places in the world to run a business. We are delivery obsessed international strategy and management  consultants with global experience in technology based opportunities specialising in high volume, finance, acquisition/merger transaction due diligence, interim CIO/CEO/COO and technology startups. We reinvest time, skills and sometimes funds into unique angel investment opportunities with global potential.

Where you can find us

What we do

We love rolling our sleeves up for the right cause –

  • build new businesses and improve existing ones.
  • cherish the innovative ideas leading the current social, commercial and environmental transformation of our world.
  • draw out and apply the real cost benefits of new techniques and technologies.
  • often participate directly in investment opportunities and also assist other investors with similar mandates through our financial business technology management consulting.
  • deliver hard, quantifiable growth and efficiency through strategic innovation with focus on –
  • appropriate technology and deliverable innovation
  • practical experience and fresh research applied to your business
  • brand & brand promise delivery
  • coherent business model design and implementation
  • digestible strategy delivery with day-to-day goals
  • operations and process,
  • customer experience.

Who Do We Work With?

We help all sorts of businesses – from very large multinationals seeking growth or efficiency through appropriate innovation, all the way down to single person businesses with great world changing ideas.
We don’t mind what – as long as it is world class and a real challenge – but we love real-time high volume transaction based businesses, mereger and acqusiition due diligence and businesses being challenged with strategic industry opportunities or threats.
  • Banks & other financial institutions
    Engage us for major projects because of our independence, specialty skills, global experience and network.
  • Established medium and large businesses
    Engage us for projects because we provide a guarantee – initial performance and improvement reviews are on a ‘fees at risk’ basis and we cover all your technology and operations in a plain profit centric manner working on both costs and growth.
  • Entrepreneurs with ideas or early stage businesses
    Engage us for free opinion and the opportunity to connect with something larger. We also offer subscription based ‘advisor’ services for a very reasonable fee.
  • Angel, Venture & Private Investors 
    Engage us for independent due diligence specialists, networking, deal flow, shared investment opportunities and skill sharing.

How Do We Work?

Cooper Sydney have a easy-going yet highly professional style of working that is distinctly Australian in nature delivered through a global network of experienced contacts.
  • We consult to premium firms globally.
  • We  pay it forward. Our consultants and angel investors invest time, experience and funds in early stage technology based companies primarily in finance, business productivity, information-based-lifestyle, individual productivity and sustainability with a focus on web and mobile channels.
  • We pride ourselves on being straight shooters. If your project, deal, mandate or risk appetite is not matched with ours, you will know immediately.
  • We believe that business simply works better (in financial and non-financial rewards) if you apply some meaningful value tests and make a social contribution to those less fortunate.
  • We understand that one firm is never enough for opportunities to reach their potential so we facilitate a network of relationships with other consultants and angels to bring an appropriate level of skill, experience, time and funding to the table for each client or opportunity.
  • We are open. We welcome your feedback, if it identifies something our community genuinely needs or wants we will do our level best to achieve it for you because like most of you – we are not just in this for the money either.
  • We are flexible. Our project engagements vary in approach and also in duration from very short term to very long term. But we always aim for a long term mutual rewarding relationship. We are typically mid to long term investors but it depends on cash flow and appetite for investing within our network of relationships.
  • We are not pure financial investors or ‘fly-in fly-out hired gun’ consultants, we typically require an active involvement in the companies and ideas we sponsor. We get our kicks from results not billable hours. Our clients and partners (especially entrepreneurs) tell us that this is more valuable than the financial contribution.
  • We usually don’t do long tedious proposals and RFP responses. We prefer to have a conversation about real needs in plain language.

Want to get started?

It takes less than a minute to contact us.  What do you need help with? Get on our mailing list, receive some white papers, register interest as a corporate consulting prospect, investor or entrepreneur.

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    As a young unguided startup (do need a mentor!), i need all the help i can get finding info, nice to come across small hidden gifts such as this. Happy new year all, may it be Productive in every way.

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