Cooper & Co is a niche privately held business technology company originally based in Sydney Australia, which we think is one of the best places in the world to run a business.

We are also now researching in Myanmar and the immediate region.

Our aim is to deliver relentless execution based on exceptional insight and maintain a balanced perspective throughout, this is central to our identity.

We are inspired by the balance between –

  • Rapid innovation and transformation like building and market validating a potentially global tech startup in days weeks or months; and
  • Timeless quality and exceptional designs that have transformed our world like Apple and Google with technology that looks simple and is simple to use but uses increasingly sophisticated techniques; and
  • Ancient innovations that have stood the test of time from the Wheel and lightbulb to the 5,000 year old work of our ancestors that predates most building cultures in human history and is still standing.

We have a strong but casual professional network of market specific skills in Asia including Australasia.

We mainly invest time, skill & connections

We spend most of our time doing early stage investment.

We discover, distill and develop great global tech startups originating from Asia and Australasia.

As investors we are angels, angel syndicate shapers and venture network leaders.  We contribute time, skill, connections and sometimes seed funding. Collectively we typically look at hundreds of deals per annum and have already executed over a hundred.

Sometimes we consult & dive in

As consultants we are delivery obsessed international strategy and management  consultants with global experience in technology based opportunities specialising in high volume, finance, acquisition/merger transaction due diligence, interim CIO/CEO/COO and technology startups.

We invest time, skills and sometimes funds into unique investment opportunities with global potential usually at critically formative stages in a business.

We like diving in deep.

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